About us

Welcome to Artfence!

We supply our customers with top-quality metal fences, yard gates, and other fencing solutions. We are delighted to offer high-quality and modern products for your homes that will serve you for many years. In manufacturing our fences, we use modern automatic sheet metal bending and cutting machines that do not damage the metal sheets and preserve their aesthetic and performance properties.

Innovative installation system

One of the standout features of the "Artfence" brand is the innovative fence installation technology called "Step by step," which ensures a straightforward fence delivery and installation process, saving you time and effort. This technology also guarantees excellent performance and aesthetic qualities for the fence. Every detail is carefully considered – from the movement of metal during temperature changes to decorative elements concealing the posts and finishing touches on the foundations.

Security and reliability

We understand the importance of longevity when it comes to fences, which is why we use only the highest quality materials in their manufacturing. We collaborate with reliable suppliers, and production and installation are carried out by experienced craftsmen. By choosing Artfence fences, you can be sure that both your property and your loved ones, including pets, will be safe, as security is one of our top priorities. The fences are manufactured and installed in a way that ensures the final product has no sharp edges or visible screws, and the construction itself is sturdy and reliable.

Aesthetic and Design

The aesthetics of fences, just like their security, are highly important values ​​to us. We offer a wide range of fence profiles and colors, so everyone can choose what suits them best. We provide both closed and more open types of fences, offer solutions for fences between neighbors, and help select the appropriate fence color to complement your home. We also pay great attention to fence accessories, which are an integral part of the fence. Therefore, our fences are characterized by a refined appearance – finishing details conceal the metal fence posts, fastening elements used during installation, etc.