We specialize in the manufacturing and installation of sheet metal fences, yard gates, and pedestrian gates


Fence manufacturing

Our fences are manufactured using modern automatic metal cutting and bending machines, which protect the metal sheets from damage that could occur when bending manually. We also produce various accessories, such as parapets for foundations, smetal caps for metal posts, etc.


Aluminum gate manufacturing

We manufacture sliding and double-leaf aluminum driveway and pedestrian gates. For welding, we use the TIG method, which requires precision and is known for its high welding quality and aesthetic weld appearance. During welding, the edges of aluminum profiles are milled at a 45-degree angle, increasing the welding area. For installation, we use high-quality hardware from CAIS and Locinox brands.



While our fences are easy to install independently, we also offer installation services if needed. Our team of installers works quickly and professionally. We also perform repair and warranty work.


Measurement and estimation

We perform measurements and create estimates. We also provide consultations on various fencing matters, help choose the appropriate color, fence profile, gate type, etc.