Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of Service

Buyer: The client for whom the fence products (hereinafter referred to as the Products) are manufactured.

Seller: UAB "Jape LT", which commits to manufacturing and delivering the Products to the Buyer.


1.1. The specification and description of the ordered Products are provided by the Seller in an individual commercial offer based on the Buyer's request. The Seller undertakes to manufacture and deliver the Products specified in the commercial offer to the Buyer's ownership according to the timeline and price stated in the commercial offer.

1.2. The Products are manufactured individually according to the Buyer's measurements and cannot be returned to the Seller. By confirming the commercial offer, the Buyer declares that they are acquainted with the characteristics and properties of the Products (e.g., color, dimensions, quantity) and the service conditions, which are provided on the website www.artfence.lt and in the commercial offer.

1.3. The manufacturing timeline is specified in the Commercial Offer and is calculated from the date of advance payment. The advance amount is indicated in the commercial offer. The advance payment also confirms that the Buyer is acquainted with and agrees to the proposed service and price.

1.4. The Buyer must make the remaining payment upon picking up the Products from the Seller’s warehouse (Prūsų g. 1, Didžiasalio k., Vilnius district) or upon delivery of the Products to the address specified by the Buyer (an additional ordered service), but no later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of notification about the completion and readiness for pickup of the Products.

1.5. Ownership of the Products transfers to the Buyer only after full payment. Until the full order amount specified in the commercial offer is paid, the Products are considered the property of the Seller.


2.1. To manufacture the Products according to the specified requirements and the timeline stated in the Commercial Offer.

2.2. To deliver the Products to the address specified by the Buyer (if such a service is ordered). Product unloading is included in the delivery service.

2.3. The Seller is not responsible for any degradation in the quality of the Products if the Buyer (or third parties) used them for purposes other than those for which such Products are generally intended, did not follow the recommendations in the installation instructions, violated equipment usage rules, or if visible external or other defects of the Products were not documented in writing at the time of product handover.

2.4. The Seller agrees to store the Products free of charge for no more than 5 (five) business days from the notification of the completion and readiness for pickup of the Products. If the fencing equipment is not picked up within the specified period, a storage fee will be applied. The order is subject to a storage fee of 5.00 Eur (excluding VAT) per business day for each pallet.


3.1. A 5 (five) year warranty is provided for the Products, starting from the date of signing the acceptance-transfer act. The warranty covers the costs of replaced parts and labor hours for the repaired Products. The Seller undertakes to replace defective Products with quality Products within 35 business days from the receipt of the claim during the warranty period.

3.2. The warranty does not apply if:

3.2.1. The degradation in quality or damages of the Products are caused by the actions of the Buyer (or third parties), the Products were used for purposes other than those for which such equipment is intended, or the installation instructions were not followed.

3.2.2. The degradation in quality, damages, or destruction of the Products occurred due to force majeure circumstances.


4.1. If the Buyer unilaterally terminates the order, the Buyer must compensate the Seller for the incurred losses and pay a penalty for non-compliance with these terms. The penalty amount is equal to the advance payment amount specified in the Commercial Offer. The loss amount is equal to the actual losses incurred by the Seller but not less than 30% of the total order amount.

4.2. Final payment is made upon the Buyer's signing of the Product acceptance-transfer act, according to the Seller's invoice, no later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of receipt of the invoice.

4.3. If the Seller fails to deliver Products of appropriate quality and completeness to the Buyer on time, the Seller agrees to pay the Buyer 0.02% interest, calculated from the total contract amount for each overdue day.

4.4. In case of delayed payment under the contract, the Seller has the right to demand from the Buyer up to 0.02% interest from the contract price for each delayed day from the unpaid amount.

4.5. The Buyer and the Seller agree to maintain confidentiality in their mutual relations: not to disclose any commercial, business, or financial information learned while cooperating based on these Terms to third parties in writing, verbally, or in any other form.

4.6. All notifications and other correspondence are delivered to the Buyer/Seller either by hand or via email. The Seller and the Buyer acknowledge that notifications sent via email have the same legal force as handwritten documents, provided they are sent from the Buyer’s/Seller’s email address with the Buyer's/Seller’s details specified in the order.